We give thanks for the generous contributions from the institutions and individuals listed below. Their gifts support our research projects, the Harold J. Berman Fund, the Don S. Browning Lecture, the Overton and Lavona Currie Lecture in Law and Religion, the Decalogue Lecture, the Herman Dooyeweerd Fund, the Eliza Ellison Fund, the Alonzo L. McDonald Lecture in Christianity and Law, and the Linda L. Savage and Mary Lee Lebey Scholarship.

Major Emory Contributors

Emory College • School of Law • Office of the Provost • School of Theology

Major Outside Contributors

Center for Community Progress • Ford Foundation • The Institute for Research on Unlimited Love • Lilly Endowment Inc. • Henry Luce Foundation • McDonald Agape Foundation • Onnie Mae Spruill Foundation Inc. • The Pew Charitable Trusts • Social Science Research Council • John Templeton Foundation

Other Contributors

The James Luther Adams Foundation, Inc. • Professor Frank S. and Mrs. Joan Alexander • The Andreas Foundation • Mr. Lucas W. and Ms. Brenda Andrews • Anonymous • Professor Thomas C and Mrs. Carolyn F. Arthur • Professor Peter and Dr. Margaret J. Ash • Professor Milner S. and Mrs. June M. Ball • Mr. Anthony M. and Mrs. Shannon M. Balloon • Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Michelle R. Barclay • The Honorable Dorothy Toth Beasley • Professor David J. Bederman and Ms. Lorre B. Cuzze • BellSouth Matching Gifts Program • Mrs. Jean Robitscher Bergmark • Mrs. Ruth H. Berman • Ms. Jean C. Berman and Mr. Aric J. Press • Professor Anita Bernstein • Professor David R. and Mrs. Ursula Blumenthal • Ms. April L. Bogle • Mr. John Brabner-Smith, Esq. • Professor Michael J. and Mrs. Channah S. Broyde • Mr. John M. Butin, Esq. • Mr. and Mrs. A. Paul Cadenhead, Esq. • Mr. John B. Carter, Jr. and Mrs. Susan F. Carter • President Rebecca S. Chopp and Mr. Fred Thibodeau • Dr. Richard S. Colvin • Mr. Rance Lamar and Mrs. Meredith A. Craft • Overton and Lavonna Currie Foundation • Dr. Jeffrey D. and Mrs. Lauren M. Dayton • Mr. Herman Dooyeweerd, Jr. Executive Leadership • Mrs. Martha Williams Fagan • Ms. Laurie-Ann Fallon • Fannie Mae Foundation, Fieldstead & Company • Professor Frances Smith Foster • Dr. Cheryl G. and President Robert M. Franklin • Professor Richard D. and Mrs. Louise Freer • Mr. Corky Gallo • Ms. Isabel Garcia and LCDR David J. Sanchez • Georgia Bar Foundation • Dr. Matt P. and Mrs. Doris J. Graham• Dr. M. Christian Green • Dr. F. Stuart and Mrs. Kathleen Gulley • Mr. Kevin A. and Mrs. Jamie H. Hall • Professor Jeffrey B. and Mrs. Susan A. Hammond • Mr. Nathan A. Hartman and Dr. John J. DeCaro • Ms. Ronit Hoffer • Mr. Case Hoogendoorn, Esq. • Hoogendoorn, Miller, Talbot, & Davids • Mr. W. Stell & Mrs. Madaline Huie • Professor Howard O. and Mrs. Susan F. Hunter • Professor Timothy P. Jackson • Mrs. Heather M. Johnson, Mr. William Josephson, Mr. Erich Kennedy, Esq., Professor Marion Leathers Kuntz • Dr. James T. and Mrs. Berta R. Laney • Mr. Lansing B. Lee, Esq. • Local Initiatives Support, Corporation (L.I.S.C.) • The Joe and Emily Lowe Foundation • Mr. Russell B. Mabrey, Esq. • Mrs. Blair Rogers Major • Mr. F. Michael and Ms. Anita W. Mann • Marcus Foundation • Mr. John C. Mayoue, Esq. • Dr. Charlotte McDaniel • Mr. Robert Lee Miller • Mr. Albert G. Moore • Mr. Tan H. Morse • Mr. Thomas J. Murray • Professor Joel A. & Mrs. Jennifer K. Nichols • Northern Teaneck Synagogue Association • Mr. Terrill A. Parker, Esq. • Ms. Jane DiFolco Parker • Professor David F. and Mrs. Nan S. Partlett • Mr. Alexander L. and Mrs. Leslie Paul • Professor Michael J. Perry and Ms. Sarah A. O’Leary • Mr. Stuart D. Poppel, Esq. • Mr. Curt Alexander Portzel • Professor Janette B. Pratt • Professor Polly J. Price • Professor C. Scott and Mrs. L. A. Pryor • Mr. Edward H. and Mrs. Jane H. Rabin • Mr. Kenneth W. Ramsey Esq. • Professor Anne M. Rector • The Reebok Foundation • Professor Thomas F. and Mrs. Nancy Roth Remington • Professor Russell E. and Mrs. Merle U. Richey • Professor Kimberly J. Robinson • Mr. Steven E. and Mrs. Leslie C. Ruiter • Mr. John T. and Mrs. Acacia Bamberg Salatti • Mr. George R. Salem, Esq. • Mr. Brent J. Savage, Esq. • Professor Robert A. Schapiro and Dr. Lillian R. G. Schapiro • Ms. Miranda Saskia Schiller • Professor Thomas L. and Mrs. Nancy J. Shaffer • Shaykin Family Foundation • Smart Growth America • The Steinhardt Foundation - EDAH • The Bernard Stern Foundation, Inc. • Dr. Cyrus H. Stoner • Mr. and Mrs. Randolph W. Thrower, Esq. • Professors Steven M. Tipton and Kristin Mann • Ms. Sara J. Toering • The Honorable David W. Trager • Mr. Judd McCune Treeman • United Church Board for Homeland Ministries • Professor Johan D. and Mrs. Elma C. van der Vyver • Dr. Magnus and Mrs. W. Maria J. Verbrugge • Mr. Stephen D. Weyer • Mr. Jeffrey W. and Ms. Amy Wheeler • Ms. Clare G. Whitfield • Professor John Witte, Jr. and Ms. Eliza Ellison • Professor Paul and Mrs. Marlene D. Zwier