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The Center for the Study of Law and Religion (CSLR) is dedicated to studying the religious dimensions of law, the legal dimensions of religion, and the interaction of legal and religious ideas and institutions, norms and practices. This study is predicated on the assumptions that religion gives law its spirit and inspires its adherence to ritual and justice.  Law gives religion its structure and encourages its devotion to order and organization. 


  • 6 joint-degree programs (JD/MDiv, JD/MTS, JD/PhD, LLM, SJD, JM)
  • 38 cross-listed courses
  • 9 major research projects; dozens of individual and side research projects
  • 6-9 annual public forums
  • 2 book series
  • 300 plus published volumes
  • Visiting scholars and fellows program
  • 80 Emory senior fellows and associated faculty from 20 fields of study
  • 1600 corresponding members

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