From Silver to Gold: The Next 25 Years of Law and Religion

October 24, 2007 to October 26, 2007


The conference celebrated the CSLR's silver anniversary by anticipating and articulating the hardest questions in law and religion facing the world in the next 25 years. It focused on three themes: 1) religious liberty, human rights, and church-state relations; 2) sex, marriage, and family life; and 3) Christian, Jewish and Islamic legal studies. The event celebrated the silver anniversary of the Center for the Study of Law and Religion.



John Witte, Jr., CSLR Director, and Frank Alexander, CSLR Founding Director, both of Emory University

Hosts and Chairs

Michael J. Broyde, Emory University; Timothy P. Jackson, Emory University; David Partlett, Emory University; Philip L. Reynolds, Emory University; Steven M. Tipton, Emory University; Johan D. van der Vyver, Emory University; James W. Wagner, Emory University.


Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im; Enola G. Aird, Director, the Motherhood Project, Institute for American Values; Frank S. Alexander; Robert N. Bellah, Elliott Professor of Sociology Emeritus, University of California at Berkeley; Harold J. Berman; Don S. Browning†; Michael J. Broyde; Stephen L. Carter, William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Law, Yale University; Elliot N. Dorff, Sol and Anne Dorff Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, University of Judaism, Los Angeles; Jean Bethke Elshtain, Laura Spelman Rockefeller Professor of Social and Political Ethics, University of Chicago; Frances Smith Foster; Kent R. Greenawalt; T Jeremy Gunn; Timothy P. Jackson; Baber Johansen, Professor of Islamic Religious Studies, Harvard University; Mark D. Jordan; M. Cathleen Kaveny; James T. Laney; Douglas Laycock; David Little; Martin E. Marty; John T. Noonan, Jr.; David Novak, Shiff Chair of Jewish Studies, University of Toronto; Michael J. Perry; Carl E. Schneider, Chauncey Stillman Professor of Law & Professor of Internal Medicine, University of Michigan; Leah Ward Sears, Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Georgia; Robert A. Seiple, President and CEO, Council for America's First Freedom; David A. Skeel; Johan D. van der Vyver; Jeremy Waldron, University Professor of Law, New York University; John Witte, Jr.; Nicholas P. Wolterstorff; Karen Worthington


Event Photos

Robert Bellah, University of California at Berkeley
Nicholas P. Wolterstorff, Yale University
Enola G. Aird, The Institute for American Values
Enola G. Aird, Institute for American Values; Leah Ward Sears, Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Georgia; Stephen L. Carter, Yale University; Robert M. Franklin, Morehouse College
Martin E. Marty, University of Chicago
Jean and David Bergmark with John Witte, Jr., Emory University
M. Cathleen Kaveny, University of Notre Dame
John T. Noonan, U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit
James. T. Laney, Emory University
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