How to Download CSLR Lectures on iTunes U

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To access Lectures from the Center for the Study of Law and Religion:

From the iTunes U homepage, scroll down the page to "Featured Contributors," on the right hand navigation panel. Click on "Center for the Study of Law and Religion." This will take you to a page with albums from our lecture series.  Each album contains the lectures from that series. Lectures are available both as audio and as video files.

"Pursuit of Happiness"

This volume contains lectures from the 2010 "Pursuit of Happiness" Lecture series which includes the Interfaith Summit on Happiness with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. In these lectures, religious leaders and scholars examine the pursuit of happiness in various contexts.

"When Law and Religion Meet"

This volume contains lectures from the 2008-2009 and the 2011-2012 "When Law and Religion Meet" Lecture Series where distinguished religious leaders address the hardest legal questions facing religious communities today.  Speakers include Michael Broyde, Mary Ann Glendon, Luke Timothy Johnson, John Witte Jr., Michael Perry, The Right Reverend V. Gene Robinson, The Most Reverend Wilton D. Gregory, Mona Siddiqui, and Irwin Cotler.

Law and Religion: The Next 25 Years

From our Silver Anniversary Conference "From Silver to Gold: The Next 25 Years of Law and Religion," October 24-26, 2007. For more about this event, click here.

Religion and Family

This volume contains our Family Forum Series from 2003-2007 as well as our 2003 Sex, Marriage, and Family and Religions of the Book Conference. Included are lectures by Peter Ash, Robyn Fivush, William Foege, Martin Marty, Robert Franklin, Anita Bernstein, Mark Jordan, Karen Worthington, John Witte, Jr., Kay Levine, Jimmy Carter, and Millard Fuller.

Religion and Human Rights

Nicholas P. Wolterstorff, Abdullahi An-Na'im, David Blumenthal and Michael Berger are featured in this volume.

Separation of Church and State

This volume includes lectures by John Witte Jr., Steven Tipton, and Earl Lewis speaking about today's toughest issues in the discussion of church and state.


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