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CSLR lectures from 2003 to the current academic year are available in their entirety through audio and video recordings (please note that the Sex, Marriage and Family series is only available through audio recording). Lectures are listed by name of lectureship, conference, or lecture series in alphabetical order.

Currie Lecture

Decalogue Lecture

Don S. Browning Lecture

Family Forum Series 2003-2004

Family Forum Series 2004-2005

Family Forum Series 2005-2006

Family Forum Series 2006-2007

From Silver to Gold: The Next 25 Years of Law and Religion

Harold J. Berman Lecture

Legal Ethics and Professionalism Symposium

McDonald Distinguished Scholar Lectures on Christian Scholarship

Religion Newswriters Association

Sex, Marriage, and Family & the Religions of the Book: Modern Problems, Enduring Solutions

The Pursuit of Happiness 2010

What's Wrong with Rights for Children?

When Law and Religion Meet 2008-2009

When Law and Religion Meet 2011-2012

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"An Apt and Cheerful Conversation on Marriage,"February 7, 2001

In this essay, John Witte, Jr. argues that modern Anglo-American marriage law was formed out of two traditions–one rooted in Christianity, a second in the Enlightenment. Each of these traditions has... MORE

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