Degree Programs

Research Opportunities

Candidates for degrees in law and religion participate actively in CSLR research projects and public conferences, and pursue clinical internships and externships in America. Current research opportunities include:

Christian Jurisprudence II

A comprehensive analysis of the contributions of modern Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox figures to fundamental questions of law, politics, and society.

Law, Religion, and Human Rights in International Perspective

Assesses the current state and future questions of religion and human rights that will confront different legal communities around the world.

Aruch Hashulchan Translation

Preparation of a translation and authoritative edition of this 19th-century masterwork of Jewish law of Yheil Michel Epstein.

Religious Foundations of Religious Freedom and Rule of Law

Explores the role of religious ideas and institutions in the development of our most cherished legal ideals.

The Future of Shari`a

Probes the place of Islamic religious law, particularly the law of domestic relations, in various communities with minority and majority Muslim populations.

"I'm fascinated by how the law almost unconsciously inherits and adopts its norms from religious thinking and how it can then turn around and influence religion by pushing back on boundaries."

–Mark Aaron Goldfeder
LLM 2012 and SJD 2013

–Brian Green
JD/MTS 2011

"I chose to pursue a joint degree because I wanted to understand what justice could and should mean from both the practical side (law) but also the theoretical side (religion and ethics). This taught me to ask the questions necessary to help someone but also to listen to what the person really wants and needs--vital skills for my work in public interest law."

–Jennifer Williams
JD/MTS 2012