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Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im

Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na`im is a world-renowned scholar of Islam and human rights.

Contact Abdullahi at (404) 727-1198 or via email

Frank S. Alexander

Frank S. Alexander is a world-renowned expert on affordable housing and homelessness.

Contact Frank at (404) 727-6982 or via email

Patrick Allitt

Contact Patrick at (404) 727-4471 or via email

Michael S. Berger

Michael S. Berger is an expert on religious authority and ethics in Judaism as well as the social and historical context for legal thinking.

Contact Michael at (404) 727-6258 or via email

David R. Blumenthal

David Blumenthal is a dynamic interdisplinary leader on campus, serving as a valuable "town-gown" bridge, particularly within the Jewish community.

Contact David at (404) 727-7545 or via email

Michael J. Broyde

Michael J. Broyde is a world-renowned Jewish scholar who served as a rabbi and member of the Beth Din of America.

Contact Michael at (404) 727-7546 or via email

Robert J. Castellani

Contact Robert at (404) 712-0213 or via email

Paul B. Courtright

Contact Paul at (404) 727-8187 or via email

Robyn L. Fivush

Robyn Fivush is known for her work on the social construction of autobiographical memory.

Contact Robyn at (404) 727-4124 or via email

Richard W. Garnett

Contact Richard at (574) 631-6981 or via email

Susan Henry-Crowe

Contact Susan at (404) 727-6226 or via email

Carol J. Rowland Hogue

Contact Carol at (404) 727-8095 or via email

Timothy P. Jackson

Timothy P. Jackson's research focuses on moral philosophy and theology.

Contact Timothy at (404) 727-0818 or via email

Luke Timothy Johnson

Contact Luke at (404) 727-6339 or via email

Mark D. Jordan

Mark D. Jordan is an expert on the topic of sexuality and Christianity.

Contact Mark at (314) 935-9345 or via email

Steven J. Kraftchick

Contact Steven at (404) 727-2883 or via email

Gary M. Laderman

Contact Gary at (404) 727-4641 or via email

Deborah E. Lipstadt

Contact Deborah at (404) 727-2298 or via email

Richard C. Martin

Contact Richard at (404) 727-7544 or via email

John C. Mayoue

John C. Mayoue practices in family law matters, specializing in complex and difficult cases.

Contact John at (404) 809-2600 or via email
Showing 1-20 of 31