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Goldfeder writes CNN op-ed critical of Obama's Israel abstention

Writes Goldfeder: The bi-partisan condemnation of Obama's abstention has ironically only confirmed that America really does stand with Israel.

Goldfeder quoted in Politio story about Christmas in public schools

Goldfeder says context is important when considering holiday decorations in public schools.

Goldfeder criticizes Obama's hypocrisy toward Israel

Goldfeder writes: "In pulling his veto on the eve of Hanukkah, President Obama failed to heed the history of the holiday."

Goldfeder co-authors CNN op-ed about genocide

Goldfeder co-authors CNN op-ed with Jan Figel about the U.S.'s responsibility to do more to stop genocide.

Goldfeder quoted in Times story about Muslims denied Mosque

Mark Goldfeder is quoted in this Times story about Muslims being denied a permit to build a mosque.


CSLR alum Bernice King: Uneasy lies the crown

CSLR alum Bernice King tells Smithsonian Magazine: "If we could get back to that philosophy, to listening and not being afraid of exploring the information on the other side ... well, we'd move things forward."


Why we shouldn't force Hasidic Jews to offer secular education

Why haven't Jewish groups rallied to the defense of the Satmars, even though they (and we) do not share the Hasidim¿s utter and absolute rejection of all things secular. Religious freedom is measured by how we protect the rights of those with whom we do not agree.

A Jewish solution on transgender bathrooms

Michael J. Broyde co-authored this essay on a Jewish perspective on the transgendered bathrooms controversy.


Scholar on Jewish Law emphasizes importance of social safety net

Jewish law has provided a strong foundation for the modern Western legal system, says Professor Michael J. Broyde of Emory University.

CSLR senior fellow reviews 'Prophecy Without Contempt'

CSLR Senior Fellow Kathleen A. Brady reviews "Prophecy Without Contempt: Religious Discourse in the Public Square," by Cathleen Kaveny.

M. Christian Green on the election of Sadiq Khan

Beyond British Islamophobia?: The Election of Sadiq Khan