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The rise of smart machines puts spotlight on 'robot rights'

Goldfeder talks to NBC about how humans should treat robots.

CSLR fellow writes for EducationNext on education for the common good

CSLR Fellow Ashley Berner makes a case for educational pluralism.


Richard Garnett writes on church playground SCOTUS case

"The latest chapter in the story of church-state relations in the United States was about recycled tire scraps, but that chapter is no less important for being prosaic."

Goldfeder's book mentioned in Boston Globe column

The taboo against bigamy and polygamy, once rock-solid, has been getting chipped away at for years, columnist writes.


Goldfeder talks to Fox about Palestinian payments to terrorists

Goldfeder was interviewed after a talk at the UN on terrorist martyr payments.

CSLR Fellow Berner says look beyond traditional school model

Ashley Berner, CSLR Fellow and Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University, School of Education, says traditional schools limit students.

Goldfeder talks to AJC about church involvement in politics

Current federal law is weakly enforced, Goldfeder says.


CSLR Fellow says a strong school culture creates strong citizens

CSLR Fellow Ashley Berner writes in The 74 that the strong school culture evident in Catholic high schools teaches students to be engaged citizens.

Broyde to CNN: missile strike was a humanitarian act

Broyde tells CNN the missile strike on Syria was justified as a humanitarian act against Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad's gross violation of international law in using chemical weapons.


Shlomo Pill: Jews can build alliances with Muslims

Shlomo Pill writes that Jewish people can form alliances with Muslims, as the St. Louis cemetery desecration shows.


Allard speaks at immigration event

Silas W. Allard is speaking at an Leadership and Multifaith Program (LAMP) on immigration.


Franklin: Path to post-election reconciliation will be challenging

Robert M. Franklin recalls an unlikely friendship dating back to 1998.

Robert M. Franklin quoted in National Catholic Reporter story about Trump era

"The healing," said the Rev. Robert Franklin of Emory University,"is in part to correct that polarization, not to allow that to become our new normal. Recognizing that our economy works best, our social interactions work best when there's a measure of what some of the old commentators used to call 'a kind of friendliness, a willingness to cooperate with one's neighbor as essential to the American experiment,'" he told NCR.

Robert M. Franklin appointed as senior adviser to president

CSLR Fellow Robert M. Franklin has been appointed as senior adviser to Emory University President Claire E. Sterk.