CSLR Receives Grant to Study Shari'a

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M. Christian Green


The Social Sciences Research Council has awarded CSLR a major grant to examine how Western democracies with Muslim minorities can have a productive conversation with Muslim countries that have tried to implement Shari'a, particularly on domestic relations issues. CSLR Senior Fellows M. Christian Green and Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na`im, and CSLR Director John Witte, Jr. are leading the project. 

The conversation will focus on Nigeria and the United States, since they both have a common law heritage, as former English colonies, and they both are wrestling with legal, cultural, and political issues surrounding marriage law. 

More than a dozen scholars, jurists, and policy-makers from Nigeria and North America will examine the possibilities for a peaceful reconciliation to the ongoing contestation over Shari’a in Nigeria, with a specific focus on the law of marriage.  The centerpiece of the project will be a three-day conference and subsequent symposium issue of a journal available online and translated into Arabic and French.

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