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Law and Religion students report a number of major accomplishments and impressive plans for the upcoming summer.

Matt Cavedon (JD/MTS Candidate 2015) has been elected the 2013-2014 Executive Articles Editor for the Emory International Law Review (EILR) and will continue to serve on Emory Law’s Supreme Court Advocacy Program as Director of Operations. This month, he attends an Institute for Humane Studies/Liberty Fund seminar on federalism and competition. This summer he will clerk for the Institute for Justice in Washington, D.C.

Casey Jo Cooper (JD Candidate 2014) has been elected Executive Managing Editor for EILR. Her student comment, “From the Watch Tower to the Acropolis: The Search for a Consistent Religious Freedom Standard in an Inconsistent World” was selected for publication in EILR. This summer she will intern for the European Parliament Liaison Office in Washington, D.C., Brussels, and Strasburg.

Mark Goldfeder (SJD Candidate 2013) has published 18 articles and given 15 public lectures or papers on law and religion topics during the past year. He was hired as an adjunct professor of law at Georgia State University and as an adjunct professor in Emory’s Department of Religion. After graduation this spring, he will continue at CSLR as a Spruill Family Senior Fellow teaching Jewish law. His dissertation is entitled "Chains of Love in Law; Revisiting Plural Marriage."

Brian Kaufman (JD Candidate 2014) completed a world survey on same-sex partnership recognition rights, and conducted research on constitutional bans of same-sex marriage in North, Central and South America, Europe, and the Oceanic nation-states. He also helped develop a Defense of Marriage Act amicus brief for the Emory Child’s Right Project that was filed with the U.S. Supreme Court in February, and worked with the Barton Child Law and Policy Center on Georgia's open adoption legislation, which passed the General Assembly in late March.

Jennifer Kidwell graduates from Emory this spring with a JD/MDiv degree. See related story.

Yael Levy (JM Candidate 2014) recently published her second novel, Starstruck. Her first novel, Brooklyn Love, debuted 2012; her third, Touchdown, is forthcoming this summer. The volumes are published by Crimson Romance.

Chris Manzer (JD/MTS Candidate 2015) co-wrote with CSLR Director John Witte, Jr. the introduction to Harold Berman’s 1964 manuscript Law and Language, forthcoming from Cambridge University Press. In addition, he competed at the Evan A. Evans Constitutional Moot Law Court Competition and was elected President of the Council at Lutheran Church of the Messiah. This summer, he will work for trial lawyer Brent J. Savage, an alumnus of Emory Law.

Shlomo Pill graduates this spring with an LLM degree in Law and Religion.

Claudia Sarti (SJD Candidate 2013) joined the International Empirical Research Program, “Religion and Human Rights 2.0,” and participated in the kick-off conference in Germany. The program researches the attitudes of young people on human rights. Next month, she will present a paper titled “Cross-fertilization between law and religion with regard to Medically Assisted Reproduction, European Cases,” at the Uppsala University Conference “Challenges for Society, Law and Democracy.”

Drew Stevens (JD Candiate 2014) has been named Articles Editor for the Emory Law Journal (ELJ). His student comment, "By the Power Vested in Me? Licensing Religious Officials to Solemnize Marriage in the Age of Same-Sex Marriage," was selected for publication in an upcoming issue of ELJ. This summer, he will work as a Summer Associate with Arnall Golden Gregory LLP.

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