International Religious Legal Theory Conference at Emory Law, February 24-25

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The Fifth Installment of the Religious Legal Theory conference is being hosted by the Center for the Study of Law and Religion at Emory University on Monday, February 24 through Tuesday, February 25. Titled “A Global Conversation: Exploring Interfaith and International Models for the Interaction of Religion and State,” the two-day in-depth conference will explore how law, embodied in the state, manages and frames its relationship with religion, and how religions internally manage and frame their relationships with the state.

“Law and religion share an underlying structure of commandments and commitments, and they often also end up sharing space,” says Mark Goldfeder, conference organizer and senior lecturer, Emory Law School, and adjunct professor, Emory University Department of Religion. “We are pleased to advance this examination of how law and religion balance their attempts to formally regulate a person’s daily life. Law and religion influence each other in many different ways, but at some level they must establish formal rules for their interactions.”

Twenty-four legal and religious scholars from seventeen universities will gather to delve into the questions of how law and religion do interact, should interact, and can interact. What does the ideal partnership look like? Does law give religion its structure, and does religion gives law its spirit? Does law encourage devotion to order and organization, and does inspires adherence to both ritual and justice?

For more information contact Dr. Mark Goldfeder at (404) 712-0213 or mark.aaron.goldfeder(at)

Registration is now open. To view the conference schedule, click on agenda.

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