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Our mission is to help the peoples of the world learn how law and religion can balance each other and ultimately stabilize society and politics.
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Alumni Profiles

Caroline  Magee

Caroline Magee

Assistant Rector, St. Bede's Episcopal Church

Areas of Expertise

Episcopal priest, commercial lease administration, corporate law

In a career she admits “doesn’t make a bit of sense on paper,” Caroline Magee (JD/MDiv 2007) practiced law at King & Spalding and worked in commercial lease administration before returning to Candler for additional coursework. She was ordained as an Episcopal priest in 2014, and she now serves as Assistant Rector at St. Bede's Episcopal Church while working part-time in secular fields.

Before pursuing her joint degree at Emory, she served in the Navy and worked in various fields. She loved studying law and religion simultaneously. “I can’t imagine doing just one,” she says. “If I had, I might have been too immersed in just one and one way of valuing success. Instead, I was always in both worlds.”

Her years at King & Spalding were grueling, but she has no regrets. “I was curious how big business operates … I learned so much there.”

But she found law all-consuming and wanted to pursue other curiosities. A job at a small business doing commercial lease administration gave the mother of three flexibility.

She returned to Candler for the courses required to become an Episcopal priest. Today, she spends up to fifteen hours writing her sermons and works in Christian education and with her church’s parents’ group. She is interested in maintaining spiritual health and in how the church can meet the needs of parishioners and the broader community. “Faith and hope are always relevant,” she says. “It’s about making connections and listening.”

She protests the injustices she sees playing out around her, such as the death penalty and campus carry legislation.

Magee recently returned to CSLR for a lunch and learn with students on “Sabbath and Shalom: Navigating Your Future and Being Content in Your Present.” She is studying the concepts of Sabbath and shalom and how they apply in daily life as we search out our career and life path, juggle work and family demands, and manage anxiety, uncertainty, and debt.

“This is my life, and I would rather walk in love and heal the world,” she says. “And I feel like it is my role to heal the world in little ways.”