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What Is an American Muslim? Embracing Faith and Citizenship

As the Muslim population of the United States grows, debates over how Muslims should engage the civil and political life of the U.S. are increasingly common.... more

Hopes for Better Spouses

With the U.S. Supreme Court expected to release its decision on two monumental same-sex marriage cases in the next few weeks, the implications of the Court’s... more

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A Standard for Repair: The Establishment Clause, Equality, and Natural Rights, Routledge, 1992 T Jeremy Gunn Legal Perspectives
"Religious Freedom and the Challenge of the Modern State," Emory Law Journal, Vol. 39 (1990): 149-164 Harold J. Berman Legal Perspectives
"The New Legislation on Religious Freedom in Mexico" in Religious Freedom and Evangelization in Latin America: The Challenges of Religious Pluralism, Orbis Books, 1999 José Luis Soberanes Fernández Legal Perspectives
"Freedom of Religion in the United States: Fin de Siécle Sketches," Indiana Law Journal, Vol. 75 (2000): 295-332 Michael J. Perry Legal Perspectives
The Classical Foundations of the American Constitution: Prevailing Wisdom, Cambridge University Press, 2008 Historical Perspectives
"Religious Freedom and Laïcité: A Comparison of the United States and France," Brigham Young University Law Review, Vol. 2004, No. 2 (2004): 419-506 T Jeremy Gunn Legal Perspectives
"The African Independent Churches in South Africa: A History of Persecution," Emory International Law Review, Vol. 14 (2000): 1089-1120 G. C. Oosthuizen Legal Perspectives
"Antisemitism in Sub-Saharan Africa with a Focus on South Africa," Emory International Law Review, Vol. 14 (2000): 1197-1248 Jocelyn Hellig Legal Perspectives
"Religion, Politics, and Law in the United States in Comparative Perspective" in Politics and Religion in France and the United States, 2007 T Jeremy Gunn Legal Perspectives
"A Most Mild and Equitable Establishment of Religion: John Adams and the Massachusetts Experiment," Journal of Church and State, Vol. 41 (1999): 213-252 John Witte, Jr. Historical Perspectives
"'But Even So, Look at That': Working with the Convention on the Rights of the Child," Emory International Law Review, Vol. 20, No. 1 (2006): 217-239 Martin E. Marty Legal Perspectives
"What Does the Establishment Clause Forbid? Reflections on the Constitutionality of School Vouchers" in School Choice: The Moral Debate Michael J. Perry Legal Perspectives
"Symposium, 'The Problem of Proselytism in Southern Africa: Legal and Theological Dimensions'," Emory International Law Review, Vol. 14, No. 2 (2000): 491-1303 Johan D. van der Vyver Legal Perspectives
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