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The Western Case for Monogamy Over Polygamy

For more than 2,500 years, the Western tradition has embraced monogamous marriage as an essential institution for the flourishing of men and women, parents and... more

Political Agape

Timothy Jackson here argues that agapic love of God and neighbor is the perilously neglected civil virtue of our time — and that it must be considered even... more

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Cambridge Companion to Martin Luther King, Jr., Cambridge University Press Forthcoming Robert M. Franklin Religious Perspectives
Christian Marriage and Modern Marriage Law, Cambridge University Press Forthcoming Don S. Browning†, John Witte, Jr. Religious Perspectives
"Educating Citizens: The Paradoxes of Difference and Democracy" in Educating Citizens: The Paradoxes of Difference and Democracy Forthcoming Ashley Berner, James Davidson Hunter
    Religious Perspectives
    Fatherhood and Feminism: Justice, Care, and Gender in the Family Forthcoming M Christian Green
    "Feminism, Faith, and Human Rights in the ‘Third Generation'" in Feminism, Law, and Religion Forthcoming M Christian Green
      "Law, Religion, and Reason in Constitutional Democracy: Goodman v. Rawls ,"  Forthcoming Justin Latterell, with John Witte, Jr.
        Marriage and the Schoolmen: The Emergence of the Sacramental Theology of Marriage from the Middle Ages to the Council of Trent Forthcoming Philip L. Reynolds Historical Perspectives
        Political Agape: A Defense of Prophetic Liberalism Forthcoming Timothy P. Jackson Philosophical Perspectives
        "Religious Dimensions of Rights," in Oxford Handbook on Human Rights Law Forthcoming M Christian Green, John Witte, Jr.
          Religious Freedom and the First Amendment, Oxford University Press Forthcoming Kathleen A. Brady Historical Perspectives
          Thomas Aquinas and the Discovery of Bliss: A Study of Christian Eudaimonism Forthcoming Philip L. Reynolds
          Thomas Aquinas on Law: A Primer Forthcoming F. Russell Hittinger Legal Perspectives
          Two There Are: Understanding the Separation of Church and State, Cambridge University Press Forthcoming Richard W. Garnett Legal Perspectives
          What Do We Owe Strangers? Global Justice and the Good Samaritan Forthcoming Eric S. Gregory
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