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The Western Case for Monogamy Over Polygamy

For more than 2,500 years, the Western tradition has embraced monogamous marriage as an essential institution for the flourishing of men and women, parents and... more

Political Agape

Timothy Jackson here argues that agapic love of God and neighbor is the perilously neglected civil virtue of our time — and that it must be considered even... more

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Blood, Sweat and Tears: Black Theology Focuses on Jesus' Humanity, Status Robert M. Franklin February 21, 2004 
Can American Still Bar Polygamy? John Witte, Jr. May 23, 2008 
Can the Church Save African American Families? Robert M. Franklin  
Carter Challenges Audience to Enhance Rights of Children Martin E. Marty  
The Case for Educational Pluralism Ashley Berner December, 2012 
Demjanjuk in Munich Deborah E. Lipstadt May 16, 2011 
Details, Details, Details - a Response to Sam Harris Timothy P. Jackson August 14, 2009 
Education and Belief Ashley Berner January 31, 2012 
Espionage and Global Law Rafael Domingo November 21, 2013 
European Court Endorses Concept of Neutrality Andrea Pin November, 2009 
Fuller Prefers 'Sweat Equity,' not Government Funds Martin E. Marty February 17, 2004 
The Future of Marriage John Witte, Jr. February 24, 2008 
George W. Bush and the Sanctity of Marriage Don S. Browning†  
Georgia Abortion Delay Law Threatens Women's Health Carol J. Rowland Hogue April 8, 2004 
HHS Mandate Still Undermines Religious Freedom Richard W. Garnett February 15, 2012 
Hosana Tabor Ruling a Win for Religious Freedom Richard W. Garnett January 11, 2012 
Hosanna-Tabor case to test our church-state divide Richard W. Garnett April 25, 2011 
If you Want to Prevent Crime, Work to Prevent Child Abuse Karen Worthington March 30, 2011 
Jesus the Bachelor: The New Testament on Sex, Marriage, and the Family Luke Timothy Johnson  
Showing 1-20 of 44