Human Rights and Religious Values: An Uneasy Relationship?

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  • Format: Book
  • Published: 1995, Rodopi
  • ISBN: 9789051837773
  • 291 pages
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Essays presented at a workshop held at the Free University, Amsterdam, Apr. 21-23, 1993.

Selected Chapters

  • "'Ali Shari'ati and Human Rights"
  • "A Buddhist View of Human Rights"
  • "Calvinist Thought and Human Rights"
  • "The Christian Ecumenical Reception of Human Rights"
  • "Combatting the Enemy: The Use of Scripture in Ghandi and Godse"
  • "Cultural Relativism and Universal Human Rights?"
  • "Fundamentalist Hindu Values and Human Rights: Two Worlds Apart?"
  • "Human Rights, Entitlement Systems and the Problem of Cultural Receptivity"
  • "Human Rights from the Perspective of a Narrow Conception of Religious Morality"
  • "Human Rights in Buddhist Perspective"
  • "International Order and Human Rights: A Matter of Good Governance"
  • "The Pursuit of Full Humanity: An Asian Christian View of Human Rights"
  • "Raja Rammohun Roy's Thought and its Relevance for Human Rights"
  • "Religions and Rights: Local Values and Universal Declarations"
  • "Religious Ways of Life and Human Rights"
  • "Restricted Freedom in Europe: The Case of Religious Sects"
  • "Shinkoku (Divine Country) and the Violation of Human Rights"
  • "Toward an Islamic Hermeneutics for Human Rights"


Jerald D. Gort, Arnulf Camps, Rein Fernhout, Andre F. Droogers, Corstiaan J. G. van der Burg, Bas de Gaay Fortman, Johannes S. Reindeers, Padmasiri de Silva, P.J.I.M. de Waart, Victor A. van Bijlert, John Clayton, Hendrik M. Vroom, Reender Kranenborg