Islam and Human Rights: Advocacy for Social Change in Local Contexts

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  • Format: Book
  • Published: 2006, Global Media Publications
  • ISBN: 818886918X
  • 477 pages
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This book reflects the outcome of the Islam and Human Rights Fellowship Program, a three-year CSLR project. The program brought 10 scholars and activists together to explore the relationship between human rights and Islam, with the objective of helping people within Muslim societies promote and protect human rights from an Islamic perspective. The volume marks an innovative and original contribution to the discourses of human rights theory, practice, and advocacy; Islamic law; Islamic studies; women's rights; gender studies; and fieldwork methodology. It is an invaluable resource for scholars, rights activists, NGOs, policymakers, and anyone with an interest in issues of Islam and human rights. 

Selected Chapters

  • "The Accursed Minority: The Ethno-Cultural Persecution of Al-Akhdam in the Republic of Yemen: A Documentary & Advocacy Project"
  • "Domestic Violence in Indonesia"
  • "Extension of Shari'ah in Northern Nigeria: Human Rights Implications for Non-Muslim Minorities"
  • "Islam and Women's Sexual Health and Rights in Senegal"
  • "Islam, Women and Gender Justice: A Discourse on the Traditional Islamic Practices among the Tausug in Southern Philippines"
  • "Mainstreaming Human Rights in the Curriculum of the Faculty of Islamic Law"
  • "Nigeria Beyond Secularism and Islamism: Fashioning a Reconsidered Rights Paradigm for a Democratic Multicultural Society"
  • "Sociology of Rights: 'I Am Therefore I Have Rights': Human Rights in Islam between Universalistic and Communalistic Perspectives"
  • "'Walls Hit Me': Urbanites on the Margin"