Proselytization and Communal Self-Determination in Africa

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  • Format: Book
  • Published: 1999, Orbis Books
  • ISBN: 9781570752612
  • 317 pages
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Table of Contents

This assemblage of essays on proselytization and communal self-determination in Africa is one of the first books to be published in a new book series entitled "Religion and Human Rights." A venture of the Law and Religion Program of Emory University School of Law, the series explores in interdisciplinary fashion the problematic relationship between religion and human rights around the globe. A primary objective of the series is the discovery of both the religious and legal sources of human rights.

Selected Chapters

  • "Church and State Relations, Western Norms, Muslim Practice, and the African Experience: A Comparative Account of Origin and Practice"
  • "Introduction"
  • "Islamism in Algeria: The Risks and Prospects of Inter-Islamic Proselytization"
  • "Muslim Proselytization as Purification: Religious Pluralism and Conflict in Contemporary Mali"
  • "Postcolonial State Strategies, Sacralization of Power and Popular Proselytization in Congo-Zaire, 1960-1995"
  • "Radical Christian Revivalism in Nigeria and Ghana: Recent Patterns of Intolerance and Conflict"
  • "Religious Fragmentation in Kenya"
  • "Religious Freedom in African Constitutions"
  • "Religious Proselytization: Historical and Theological Perspectives at the End of the Twentieth Century"
  • "Returning to My Roots: African 'Religions' and the State"
  • "Scramble for Souls: Religious Intervention among the Dinka in Sudan"


Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im, J. Paul MArtin, Hary Winter, Farid Esack, Lamin Sanneh, J.D. Van Der Vyver, Tshikala K. Biaya, Makau Mutua, Francis M. Deng, Benjamin F. Soares, Rosalind I.J. Hackett, Hannah W. Kinoti, Chabha Bouslimani

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