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Our mission is to help the peoples of the world learn how law and religion can balance each other and ultimately stabilize society and politics.
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Research Programs

Research programs at CSLR reflect the depth and breadth of the work of our Center and our scholars. Our four major research programs encompass different religious traditions and different points on which law and religion intersect, including human rights, religious freedom, immigration, and marriage and family. Our projects are interdisciplinary, often engaging theologians and jurists from around the globe. The Center is grateful to Emory University and our external funders who make our programs and projects possible. The ideas expressed in our programs and projects reflect those of our scholars and not the Center.
Our Law and Christianity program includes lectures and conferences made possible by the McDonald Agape Foundation, as well as our Christian Legal Studies project and our Christian Jurisprudence II project, both funded by McDonald and several other foundations.
Our Law and Islam program is headed by Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im, an internationally known scholar of Islam and human rights.
Our Law and Judaism program is directed by Michael J. Broyde, a scholar in Jewish law as well as family law.
Human rights is a primary area where law and religion intersect. Our Law, Religion, and Human Rights program has focused on international human rights through the work of Johan D. van der Vyver, I. T. Cohen Professor of Law and Human Rights and an expert on international criminal law and international human rights, and Michael J. Perry, Robert W. Woodruff Professor of Law and an internationally known Constitutional Law scholar. This program includes our Restoring Religious Freedom Project as well as the Pursuit of Happiness Project, which concluded in 2012, and our work in immigration and housing. Our Law, Religion, and Human Rights page is under construction and will be available soon.
Michael J. Perry lectured in China, reuniting with many of the Chinese human rights scholars he has worked with over the years.

Law, Religion, and Human Rights: Perry reunites with human rights scholars in China

Judaism and Law: Broyde on Religious Courts in Jewish Law

Christianity and Family Law," edited by John Witte, Jr. and Gary Hauk, is part of the Witte-edited Law and Christanity series, published by Cambridge University Press

Christianity and Law: New book on Christianity and Family Law