Sex, Marriage, and Family & the Religions of the Book

Project Description

Analysis of the role that Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have played and can play in forming and reforming theories, laws, and practices of sex, marriage, and family life.


The Pew Charitable Trusts, Inc., Lilly Endowment, Inc., the Ford Foundation

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  • Lynn Welchman, University of London
  • Amy Wheeler, Emory University

Project Publications

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The Abortion/Contraception Paradox: How the Misuse of Politics, Law and Religion by Birth Control Opponents Conspires to Increase Abortions New Carol J. Rowland Hogue, Lynn Hogue
"Adoption: Legal, Theological, and Ethical Challenges," March 29, 2003 John C. Mayoue, Warner, Mayoue, Bates, Nolen & Collar, P.C.; Stephen G. Post, Case Western Reserve University; Stephen B. Presser, Northwestern University; Ann M. Stanton, Arizona State University
American Religions and the Family: How Faith Traditions Cope with Modernization and Democracy, Columbia University Press, 2006 Don S. Browning†, David A. Clairmont
"Antigone's Answer: Essays on Death, Burial and Commemoration in Classical Athens," Helios, Vol. 33s, No. Supplement (2006): 1-220 Cynthia B. Patterson
"An Apt and Cheerful Conversation on Marriage,"February 7, 2001 John Witte, Jr.
Authorizing Marriage? Canon, Tradition, and Critique in the Blessing of Same-Sex Unions, Princeton University Press, 2006 Mark D. Jordan
"Authorizing Marriage? Canon, Tradition, and Critique in the Blessing of Same-sex Unions," March 29, 2003 Mark D. Jordan, Dale Martin, Yale University; Saul Olyan, Brown University; Mary Ann Tolbert, Pacific School of Religion
Blessing Same-Sex Unions: The Perils of Queer Romance and the Confusions of Christian Marriage, University of Chicago Press, 2005 Mark D. Jordan
Children and Childhood in World Religions, Rutgers University Press, 2009 Don S. Browning†, Marcia J. Bunge
Children and Childhood in American Religions, Rutgers University Press, 2009 Don S. Browning†, Bonnie Miller-McLemore
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In Their Own Words

"We learned that although they are religious and personal, marriage and family issues are often a lot like driving an automobile, meaning that you regulate them because there are big material, psychological, and health issues at stake. Philosophy and law have been concerned about these issues because if you let them fall apart big social issues emerge. "

–Don S. Browning†