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Our mission is to help the peoples of the world learn how law and religion can balance each other and ultimately stabilize society and politics.
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Lectures and Conferences

CSLR lectures and conferences attract scholars, religious leaders, government officials, and leading practitioners from around the world as well as nationally and internationally known scholars on the Emory campus.
Links to other lectures and videos: 
John Wamwara: Christianity and Human Rights in Africa, a three-part series 
Abdullahi Ahmed An'Na-im: Dialectic of Civil Rights and Human Rights in the Law and Policy of the U.S.
Michael Broyde: Q&A with the Experts
Frances Smith Foster: Q&A with the Experts
Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im: Q&A with the Experts
Harold Berman: Q&A with the Experts
Timothy Jackson: Q&A with the Experts
Mark Jordan: Q&A with the Experts
James LaneyL Q&A with the Experts
Johan van der Vvyer: Q&A with the Experts
Karen Worthington: Q&A with the Experts
Don S. Browning: Q&A with the Experts
Martin E. Marty: Q&A with the Experts
John Witte, Jr.: Q&A with the Experts
Michael Perry: Q&A with the Experts
Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im: The Fututre of Shari'a: Secularism from an Islamic Perspective 
Timothy Jackson: The Best Love of the Child 
Michael Broyde: The Bioethical Future Some Jewish Thoughts on Reproductive Ethics
John Witte, Jr.: The Covanent of Marriage and its Biblcal Roots, Historical Influences, and Modern Uses 
John Witte, Jr.: What Marriage Does? 
John Witte, Jr.: Christianity and Human Rights
John Witte, Jr.: Law and Religion
John Witte, Jr: On Christianity and Human Rights  
John Witte, Jr.: On Human Rights Norms & Cultures
 John Witte, Jr.: On International Human Rights and Religion 
Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im: Human Rights, Religion, and Secularism in Islam 
Robert Bellah: Marriage: Sacred Institution or Obsolete Tyranny
Russell E. Richey: Things Not Asked For 
Richard C. Martin, Nasr Hamid Abu Zaid, Norani Othman, Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im: Challenging Fundamentalism: Islam, Modernity, and Human Rights 
Robert Franklin: Cosby's Call and Our Response: What the Church and Community Should Do

featured lectures

John Wamwara: Christianity and Human Rights in Africa, Part I

John Wamwara, Dooyeweerd Fellow and SJD Candidate at Emory Law School, presents Part 1 of his three-part series on "Christianity and Human Rights in Africa." His topic is "The Church, the State, and Human Rights in Kenya: An Historical Overview."

Power and Faith: Law and Religion in a Jewish State

Shahar Lifshitz, Dean of Bar-Ilan University School of Law and Senior Research Fellow at the Israel Democracy Institute, delivers CSLR's Restoring Religious Freedom Lecture.

Jonathan Walton: The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Consumption

Jonathan L. Walton, Plummer Professor of Christian Morals, Pusey Minister in the Memorial Church, and Professor of Religion and Society at Harvard Divinity School, lectured at the McDonald Distinguished Scholar Lectures.