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CSLR celebrates 55 books published over three years
By CSLR | Emory Law | Oct 27, 2017 12:10:00 AM

CSLR Associate Director Silas Allard :
recognizes authors who published books over the past three years.

The Center for the Study of Law and Religion recently celebrated more than 50 titles authored and edited by its faculty and fellows over the past three years. "The depth and breadth of our scholarship as measured by the many volumes published over the past three years is so impressive," said Associate Director Silas Allard. Many of the publications recognized were hailed by reviewers as essential reading for anyone studying law and religion or related fields. For example, reviewers of Ellen Ott Marshall's Conflict Transformation and Religion: Essays on Faith, Power, and Relationship wrote: "This should be required reading for any one engaging the suffering within our world or anyone who yearns for a redemptive way forward." Reviewers described Michael Broyde's Sharia Tribunals, Rabbinical Courts, and Christian Panels: Religious Arbitration in America and the West as "the definitive and indispensable guide to the rise of religious arbitration in the United States."

For a list of all publications by CSLR Faculty and Fellows between 2015 and 2017, go here.