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Domingo writes on 'body, soul, and spirit of the law'
By CSLR | Emory Law | Feb 15, 2018 12:02:00 AM

Rafael Domingo, Spruill Family Research Professor, has an article, "Body, Soul, and Spirit of the Law: Towards a Holistic Legal Paradigm," in the February, 2018 issue of the Oxford Journal of Law and Religion. In the article, he explores potential applications of the body–soul–spirit metaphor in the legal realm. "This metaphor is not supported in scientifc research," he writes. "It is spiritual in character and, therefore, metascientific, but not opposed to science at all. Although metaphor is not subject to the intellectual constraints that other methods of knowing demand (e.g. geometry), it is useful and appropriate becuase it is a source of inspiration and illumination."