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Witte book translated into Spanish
By CSLR | Emory Law | Feb 13, 2018 12:02:00 AM

Religion and the American Constitutional Experiment (Oxford University Press, 2016), by John Witte, Jr. and Joel A. Nichols, has been translated into Spanish. Thomas Reuters published the translation. Rafael Domingo, Spruill Family Research Professor, wrote the foreword. In his preface, Witte wrote: 

In some sense, this American story of religious freedom is worlds apart from the Spanish story ... Nonetheless, these two great legal cultures and peoples also have much in common.  Both are heirs to the great Western tradition of republican liberty, born in ancient Greece and Rome, developed by classical jurists and ancient Church Fathers, and refined and routinized by hundreds of medieval schoolmen and jurists, and their heirs in the Protestant and Catholic Reformations.