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CSLR Announces New Publication on Law and Christianity
By CSLR | Emory Law | Jun 18, 2020 12:06:00 AM

CSLR is excited to announce the release of Christianity and Criminal Law, an essential new volume edited by Mark Hill QC, Norman Doe, R.H. Helmholz, and John Witte, Jr.

Bringing together a team of outstanding legal scholars, theologians, and historians, this volume addresses the intersection of Christianity and criminal law, within the wider context of law and religion. Across four thematic parts, this book presents an array of diverse perspectives on the topics of Christianity and criminal law, ranging from historical and theological, to philosophical and legal. The first part employs biblical and early Christian sources to discuss Christianity’s historical influences on and contributions to criminal law. The second part presents a comparison of crime and sin, addressing various legal concepts and exploring the role of due process within criminal justice. In the third part, the authors address the intersection of Christianity and criminal offenses, exploring the Christian origins of various crimes. The fourth and final part considers Christianity and the enforcement of criminal law, focusing specifically on defenses, punishment, and forgiveness. Overall, in drawing from diverse areas and perspectives to address the intersection of Christianity and criminal law, this volume will undoubtedly be an invaluable resource for students and academics in various fields, including Law and Religion, Legal Philosophy, and Theology.


You can purchase a copy here and download a PDF preview here.

Read Lord Judge's commentary on Canopy Forum here!


Table of Contents/Chapters:


Preface - Lord Judge

  1. Introduction
    Mark Hill QC

Part 1: Historical Contributions of Christianity to Criminal Law

  1. Criminal Law in the Old Testament: Homicide, the Problem of Mens Rea, and God
    Brent A. Strawn
  2. Conflicting Criminal Jurisdictions in Early Christianity
    Markus Bockmuehl
  3. Crime and the Canon Law
    R. H. Helmholz
  4. Retaliation: Christian Reasons for Punishment: An overview
    Mathias Schmoeckel
  5. Christianity and the Liberal Enlightenment Reforms of Criminal Law
    Heikki Pihlajamäki 

Part 2: Christianity and the Principles of Criminal Law

  1. The Nature of Sin and Crime: Spiritual and Civil Jurisdictions Compared
    Norman Doe
  2. Christianity, Mens Rea and the Boundaries of Criminal Liability
    David McIlroy
  3. Christianity, Human Dignity and Due Process
    Peter Collier QC 

Part 3: Christianity and Criminal Offences

  1. Christianity and Crimes Against the State
    Nathan S. Chapman
  2. Christianity and Offences Against the Person
    David Etherington QC
  3. Law Like Love Like Language: The Christian Uses of Property Crime
    John F. Stinneford
  4. Crimes against God and the Church
    Jeroen Temperman
  5. Sex Crimes and Christianity
    John Witte, Jr
  6. Attempts, Complicity, Virtue and the Limits of the Law
    Richard W. Garnett

Part 4: Christianity and the Enforcement of Criminal Law

  1. Defences: Justification, Excuse and Provocation
    Chloë Kennedy
  2. Punishment, Forgiveness, and Mercy
    Jeffrie Murphy
  3. Christian Virtue and Pardons
    Albert W. Alschuler
  4. Parole, Risk Assessment of Offenders and Christianity
    Sir John Saunders
  5. Judicial Punishment in Transitional Justice: A Christian Restorative Approach
    Daniel Philpott
  6. The Weight of Judgment
    Nathan S. Chapman