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Faculty and Fellow Profiles

Joseph E. David

Joseph E. David

Professor of Law at Sapir Academic College in Israel and a Visiting Professor at the Program in Judaic Studies at Yale University and of Law at Yale Law School

Areas of Expertise

Law and Religion, Legal History, Comparative Law, Legal Philosophy and Jurisprudence

    He is the author of The State Rabbinate: Election, Separation and Freedom of Expression (2000), The Family and the Political: On Belonging and Responsibility in a Liberal Society (2012), Toleration within Judaism (2013), Jurisprudence and Theology in Late Ancient and Medieval Jewish Thought(2014) and Kinship, Law and Politics- An Anatomy of Belonging (2019). He edited The State of Israel: Between Judaism and Democracy (2000), Questioning Dignity: Human Dignity as Supreme Modern Value (2006), Nomos and Narrative for the Hebrew Reader (2012), The Gift of the Land and the Fate of the Canaanites in Jewish Thought (2014).

    Joseph David has held academic positions at the University of Pennsylvania, Rutgers University, New York University, the University of Oxford, the Hebrew University, the Interdisciplinary Centre Herzliya, and The Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology.