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Faculty and Fellow Profiles

Olga  Kazmina

Olga Kazmina

Professor of Ethnology, Moscow State University

Areas of Expertise

Law and Religion in Russia; Religious Identity; Missionaries and Proselytism

Curriculum Vitae

    Kazmina works in the areas of law and religion in Russia, religious identity, and missionaries and proselytism. Her current research is on the role of Christian organizations in the U.S. in the adaptation and integration of immigrants and refugees. She has taught ethnology; religious of the world; anthropology of religion; religion, society and identity in contemporary Russia; and church and religion in the U.S.

    She is a deputy dean for international affairs, School of History, Moscow State University as well as a member of the International Connections Committee at the American Academy of Religion and the Scientific and Advisory Council for Religious Expert Evaluation at the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. She is a member of the editorial board of a Russian scholarly journal Vestnik Antropologii (Anthropology herald) and a member of the international advisory board of the Journal of Law and Religion, published as a joint venture between CSLR and Cambridge University Press.

    Kazmina has written, edited, and co-authored many articles, essays, book reviews, and books, most recently, Christianity in Contemporary World (INFRA-M Press, 2013 and 2014), The Russian Orthodox Church in a New Religious Situation in Russia (Moscow State University Press, 2009) and Religious Organizations of Contemporary World (Moscow State University Press, 2010).

    She holds doctorates in ethnology and anthropology from Moscow State University as well as the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow. She also holds a graduate diploma in history from People’s Friendship University in Moscow.