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Faculty and Fellow Profiles

Charlotte   McDaniel

Charlotte McDaniel

President, Organizational Ethics Consulting

Areas of Expertise

Organizational and Empirical Ethics

    McDaniel’s research interest is in organizational and empirical ethics. She examines the functions and processes of ethics committees and how ethics influences and is influenced by dimensions of the work environment to enhance outcomes concerning personnel and patients in healthcare or employers and customers in business.

    She lectures and consults internationally and is the author of Organizational Ethics: Research and Ethics Environments (Ashgate Publishing, 2004) as well as other books and more than 75 scholarly articles. She held three Fulbright appointments.

    McDaniel holds a doctorate in organizational studies - educational leadership from the University of Connecticut, a master of sacred theology in theological ethics from Pittsburgh Theological seminary, a master of education in community mental health from Columbia University, a bachelor of science from Vanderbilt University, and a bachelor or arts in psychology from Washington University.