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Senior Fellow Profiles

Audra   Savage

Audra Savage

McDonald Distinguished Fellow in Law and Religion, and Senior Lecturer in Law

Areas of Expertise

Law and Religion, Law and Race, Business Associations, Corporations, International Law, Human Rights

Curriculum Vitae

    Savage's work examines the law's effect on the rights of religious minorities, engaging several different fields of study. Her primary research interests lie at the intersection of law and religion, law and race, and American legal history. Other interests include international human rights laws as they apply to racial and religious minorities on a global scale, as well as the manner in which the corporation is a religious actor seeking accommodation while also being a complicit actor in the suppression of rights and religious and racial minorities.

    Savage has been published in the Florida Journal of International Law, and she contributed an essay to a book dedicated to the racial realism theory of Derrick Bell (forthcoming). She is spending the 2018-2019 year at Emory Law, teaching, writing, and conducting research. In 2019, Savage became an inaugural member of the McDonald Distinguished Fellows, a prestigious sponsorship by the CSLR and McDonald Agape Foundation.

    An experienced corporate lawyer, Savage received an SJD and an LLM from Emory Law as well as a juris doctor from Columbia Law School and a bachelor of science from Northwestern University.