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Faculty and Fellow Profiles

Paul   Valliere

Paul Valliere

Emeritus Professor of Religion, Butler University

Areas of Expertise

Russian Orthodoxy; Theology and Religious Thought in Russia; the Conciliar Practices of the Christian Church

Curriculum Vitae

    Valliere’s research interests are Russian Orthodoxy, theology and religious thought in Russia, and the conciliar practices of the Christian Church. He is the author of Modern Russian Theology: Bukharev, Soloviev, Bulgakov (Eerdmans, 2000), Conciliarism: A History of Decision-Making in the Church (Cambridge, 2012), and Change and Tradition in Russian Civilization (Hayden-McNeill, 1994). He contributed to The Teachings of Modern Christianity on Law, Politics, and Human Nature (Columbia, 2006). He has published many articles and book chapters.

    Since 2003, Valliere has lectured regularly at the Kiev Summer Theological Institute in Ukraine. Earlier in his career he was a Sabbatical Professor at General Theological Seminary and Assistant Professor of Religion at Columbia University.

    Valliere holds a doctorate and a master of arts in religion from Columbia University and Union Theological Seminary’s joint program. He has a bachelor of arts in English from Williams College.