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Faculty and Fellow Profiles

Allen  Calhoun

Allen Calhoun

JD Notre Dame; LLM Washington University (St Louis); MTh and PhD University of Aberdeen

Areas of Expertise

Christianity and Tax Law; Legal Ethics

Curriculum Vitae

Allen Calhoun’s career has followed parallel tracks in law and theology. After completing seminary, he pursued a law degree, became a tax lawyer, and earned an LL.M. in taxation. His research interests led him to enter legal publishing. In that field, questions of tax policy prompted him to investigate theological ethics. He received a M.Th. and then a PhD in theological ethics from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Dr. Calhoun’s PhD project examined taxation from the perspectives of theological ethics and legal history. In 2019, he delivered one of the inaugural “CSLR Talks” at Emory on the topic of “Taxation and Redistribution: What the Christian Tradition Can Teach Us.”