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Prospective Students

Thank you for your interest in the Center for the Study of Law and Religion, a global leader in the interdisciplinary study of the interaction between law and religion.



The Center for the Study of Law and Religion is home to internationally recognized scholars, compelling interdisciplinary projects, global conferences, and scholarly works.

We involve our students in the work we do, through six degree programs, moot court competitions, the Journal of Law and Religion, research assistantships, and a lively community of interdisciplinary scholars.

We are committed to breaking new ground in our field while including religious traditions and legal systems from around the world.

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CSLR student David Zeligman named Dooyeweerd Fellow

CSLR student David Zeligman named Dooyeweerd Fellow

SJD candidate David Zeligman's research centers on religious lawyers and how religion affects their work.

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Amanda Parris (JD/MTS 2018) received the Eliza Ellison Prize for Leadership in Law and Religion.

Parris receives 2018 Eliza Ellison Prize for Leadership in Law and Religion

Amanda Parris is pursuing a career as a legal activist focused on law and religion issues facing religious minorities.

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Audra Savage (SJD 2018) receives the 2018 John & Gertie Witte Prize for Outstanding Work in Law and Christianity

Savage receives 2018 John & Gertie Witte Prize for Outstanding Work in Law and Christianity

Audra Savage, a former corporate lawyer, was named a post-doctoral fellow at the Center for the Study of Law and Religion.

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Programs & Requirements

We offer six degree programs: Doctor of Law/Master of Theological Studies (JD/MTS), Doctor of Law/Master of Divinity (JD/MDiv), Doctor of Law/Doctor of Philosophy (JD/PhD), Juris Master (JM) with Concentration in Law and Religion, Master of Law (LLM) with Concentration in Law and Religion, Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD) with Concentration in Law and Religion.

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Joint degree candidates must be independently admitted to both Emory Law and either Candler School of Theology, or the Graduate Division of Religion. More information on admissions can be found at the schools' websites.

Candidates for the graduate programs in law (JM, LLM, SJD) must be admitted through Emory Law’s admissions process for graduate programs.

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CSLR maintains robust course offerings that allow students to investigate the legal, theological, historical, sociological, and anthropological dimensions of law and religion. Many courses are cross-listed for credit in law, theology, and religion.

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Our CSLR faculty includes internationally recognized scholars in their fields of expertise. CSLR faculty have received many honors for the quality and importance of their scholarship and have been often been recognized by Emory students for the excellence of their teaching. CSLR also works with many Emory faculty members from different divisions and departments across the campus.

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CSLR was founded in 1982 as a law and religion program, the first to recognize law and religion as a legitimate area of serious, interdisciplinary scholarship. Today, dozens of centers around the world build on the pioneering work of CSLR in the scholarship of law and religion.

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Student Opportunities

Our students participate in law and religion moot court competitions and assist with the Journal of Law and Religion. They also serve as research assistants, working on major scholarly projects and participate in the intellectual life of the community through colloquia, lectures, and workshops with important figures in the field.

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