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The Don S. Browning Memorial Lectures

The Don S. Browning Memorial Lecture was founded in 2011 with generous gifts from friends and colleagues to honor the intellectual legacy of Don S. Browning (1934-2010). The lectures are informed by his founding scholarship in practical theology and religious ethics, and their application to marriage and family life.


2014 Browning Lecture: Peter L. Markowitz

Peter L. Markowitz delivered his lecture on "Innovative Responses to the Immigrant Representation Crisis" at the 15th Annual Legal Ethics & Professional Symposium, "Justice for All: Ensuring Ethical Representation and Access to Justice for Immigrants."

2012 Browning Lecture: Barbara Bennett Woodhouse

Barbara Bennett Woodhouse, L.C.Q. Lamar Professor of Law, delivered the 2012 Browning Lecture on "Blessing Vulnerability, Building Resilience: Children, Church, and Community."

2012 Browning Lecture: John Witte, Jr.

John Witte, Jr. delivered the 2012 Browning Lecture on "Shari'a in the West? What Place for Religious Family Law in America and Other Western Democracies?" He outlines to what extent Islamic and other religious communities have the freedom to develop their own internal religious laws governing sex, marriage, and family.