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The Decalogue Lecture Series

The Decalogue Lecture Series was founded in 2002 with a generous grant from Marion Kuntz in honor of her late husband, Paul Kuntz. Speakers have included Derrick Bell, New York University; David R. Blumenthal, Emory Unviersity; Ira Glasser, American Civil Liberties Union; Wilton D. Gregory, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Atlanta; Mark D. Jordan, Washington University in St. Louis; Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth; Leah Ward Sears, Supreme Court of Georgia; Michael J. Broyde, Emory University; and Lloyd Weinreb, Harvard University.

2011 Decalogue: Michael J. Broyde

Michael J. Broyde, Professor of Law at Emory Law and CSLR Fellow, spoke on "The Bioethical Future: Some Jewish Thoughts on Reproductive Ethics."

2010 Decalogue: Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks lectured on "Happiness in the Jewish Perspective," with an introduction by David Blumenthal and responses by Deborah Lipstadt and Michael J. Broyde.

2010 Decalogue: The Most Reverend Wilton D. Gregory

The Most Reverend Wilton D. Gregory lectured on "The Catholic Church and the Death Penalty."  He referenced Troy Davis, a death-row inmate in Georgia who appealed to Pope Benedict XVI for clemency.

2007 Decalogue: Robert M. Franklin (Moderator)

Robert M. Franklin, President of Morehouse College, moderated this panel on "Law, Religion, and the Future of the African-American Family," with presentations by Enola G. Aird on "The Foundational Covenant: Strengthening the Black Family," Baber Johansen on "Religion, Education, and the Primacy of the Family, and David A. Skeel on "The Paths of Christian Legal Scholarship."

2006 Decalogue: David R. Blumenthal

David R. Blumenthal lectured on "Maimonides: Science Generates Faith," with an introduction by Michael J. Broyde and a response by Michael Berger.