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The Family Forum Series

The Family Forum Series is part of the Child in Law, Religion, and Society project. Series topics have included same-sex marriage, church-state issues in American organized religion, the spiritual yearning of children living with the challenges of abuse, war, poverty, and family instability, and a conversation with former President Jimmy Carter.


The Future of Marriage and Family Life

This panel discussion touched issues of modern family life, including same-sex marriage, covenant marriage, abolition of marriage as a legal category, and the role of the church in marriage reform. Panelists included John Witte, Jr. and Mark D. Jordan.

Diana B. Henriques: Looking for the Wall: Impressions of a Newcomer to the Changing Church-State Landscape


Vocations of the Child: Do Kids Have a Responsibility?

This panel discussion explores what it means to be a child - roles, responsibilities and rights - and explores historical and contemporary Christian understandings of what a children is called and capable of being in their relationships with God, neighbor, and self. Panelists are Patrick M. Brennan, Professor of Law, Arizona State University.; John E. Coons, Bridges Professor of Law Emeritus, University of California at Berkeley; Marcia Bunge, Professor of Theology and Humanities, Valparaiso University; and Paul Vitz, Professor of Psychology Emeritus, New York University. 


Earl Lewis: Affirmative Action: Did the Supreme Court Save It?

Kay Levine: The Intimacy Discount in Statutory Rape Cases

Peter Ash and Robyn Fivush: Challenges of Adolescence and Violence

Robert Franklin: Cosby's Call and Our Response: What the Church and Community Should Do

Monica Kaufman: Spare the Rod: Legal and Religious Challenges in Raising Children of the Book

Steven Tipton: Why Churches Say No: The Challenges Faith-Based Initiatives Pose to Religion and Family


William H. Foege and Martin E. Marty: Children: Will We Ever Get It Right?

President Jimmy Carter and Martin E. Marty: "What Happens to Children in Peril?"

Millard Fuller and Martin E. Marty: Where Will the Children Live?

Martha A. Fineman and Don S. Browning: Who Cares for the Children?

Additional lectures

2005-2006: Children, Youth, and Spirituality in Troubling Times, featuring Susanne Johnson, Southern Methodist University; Jennie Knight, Emory University; Joyce Mercer, San Francisco Theological Seminary; Evelyn Parker, Southern Methodist University; Luther Smith, Emory University; Karen Marie Yust, Union Theological Seminar