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CSLR's work with the McDonald Agape Foundation

The McDonald Agape Foundation has long sponsored CSLR's work in the area of law and Christianity, funding part or in all of our projects in Christian Legal Studies and Jurisprudence II. John Witte, Jr. is one of the Foundation's 13 Distinguished Scholars, and in 2016, the Foundation pledged $1 million for Witte to continue his work in the field of law and Christianity. The Foundation has sponsored several international conferences over the years. In 2012, the Foundation and CSLR announced the five-year McDonald Distinguished Scholar Lecture Series on Christian Scholarship.


John Witte, Jr. and Alonzo McDonald

McDonald commits $1M

The McDonald Agape Foundation has committed $1 million to extend CSLR Director John Witte, Jr.'s McDonald Distinguished Professor of Law and Religion through 2028.  The gift will ensure the continuation of Witte's internationally renowned scholarship in law and Christianity as well as the 12-year relationship between Witte and the Foundation.
McDonald 2018

Final lectures in McDonald series focus on religious freedom

The final lectures in the five-year McDonald Distinguished Scholar Lectures on Christian Scholarship asked "Is Religious Theory Under Threat?" The conference was held at Christ College, hosted by the McDonald Centre and CSLR, and funded by the McDonald Agape Foundation.
Alonzo McDonald, pictured with his wife, Suzy, recorded a welcome message for the conference, "Is Religious Freedom Under Threat?"

McDonald Distinguished Scholar Lectures on Christian Scholarship

The McDonald Agape Foundation encourages distinguished Christian scholars and leaders at elite universities in the United States and the United Kingdom. This lecture series features the Alonzo L. McDonald Distinguished Professors currently appointed, together with other scholars who have been part of Foundation-sponsored projects over the past quarter century. This five-year lecture series runs from 2013 - 2018 and includes four international conferences at Emory University and one at Christ Church, Oxford.
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