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Canopy Forum

Canopy Forum is a digital publication from the Center for the Study of Law and Religion at Emory University that produces expert analysis for the broader community of digital consumers: citizens, scholars, lawyers, clergy, journalists, policy makers, and more. By taking advantage of contemporary means for content delivery – from short essays and thematic text primers to video interviews and podcasts – this website engages a global network of the top minds in law and religion to produce sophisticated and accessible content for a contemporary age. By providing accurate information, expert analysis, and contextualized explanation of issues impacting America and the world, Canopy Forum addresses the growing concern for an understanding of law and religion, bringing these issues to the forefront of American public discourse in an informed, nuanced, and productive way.

Canopy Forum is a community of citizens, scholars, professionals, and policy makers creating a knowledgeable, civil, and productive public discourse on critical issues affecting our lives and our communities.

Canopy Forum creates and delivers expert analysis and commentary on both current and perennial issues that lie at the intersection of law, religion, and society. From religious freedom, human rights, and public health, to developing technologies, politics, and climate change, Canopy Forum provides clear explanation and insight that enables you to become a more engaged contributor to ongoing public discourse. 

Canopy Forum believes that…
  • A robust and informed public discourse is essential to the health of democratic societies;
  • This discourse requires reliable and accessible analyses of complex issues; 
  • Law and religion are important factors in many ongoing public conversations and these traditions offer valuable perspectives on many of these debates;
  • Better understanding of issues emerging at the intersection of law, religion, and society is necessary to insure that public discourse remains as productive and conducive to the general welfare as possible.


Our Staff
Ariel J. Liberman, JD, LLM, SJD | Managing Editor
M. Christian Green PhD, JD, MTS | Associate Editor
John A. Bernau, PhD | Digital Editor
Rachael Orbeta | Senior Editorial Assistant


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