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CSLR students are eligible for all merit and need-based scholarships and awards through Emory Law, Candler School of Theology, and the Graduate Division of Religion. Additionally, the Center recognizes superior students with scholarships and prizes.

Eliza Ellison Prize for Leadership in Law and Religion

The Eliza Ellison Prize for Leadership in Law and Religion was created in 2009 to honor Eliza Ellison, who served many years as the Center’s Associate Director and later Director of Publications. The award, made possible by the generosity of the faculty, staff, current students, alumni, and friends of the Center, is awarded to a graduate who has shown special initiative in leading law and religion studies within and beyond the classroom.


  • John Joseph Wamwara (2019)
  • Amanda Parris (2018)
  • Amin Sadri (2017)
  • Jessica Floyd (2016)
  • Christopher James Manzer (2015)
  • Terri Yvonne Montague (2014)
  • Mark Aaron Goldfeder (2013)
  • Jenny Reed Hernandez (2012)
  • Timothy Brian Green (2011)
  • Silas Webster Allard (2011)
  • Amos Prosser Davis (2010)
  • Danielle Elizabeth Goldstone (2009)

Gertie and John Witte Prize for Outstanding Work in Law and Christianity

The Gertie and John Witte Prize for Outstanding Work in Law and Christianity was created in 2014 to honor the memory of CSLR Director John Witte, Jr.'s parents. "They were wonderful souls, powerful personalities, and moral exemplars for my sisters and me," Witte said. The award honors a graduating student who has shown excellence in the Christian Legal Studies Program of the Center for the Study of Law and Religion.


  • Jonathan Raymond Sikkema (2019)
  • Audra Savage (2018)
  • Kurtis G. Anderson (2017)
  • Tobias C. Tatum (2016)
  • Matthew P. Cavendon (2015)

Linda L. Savage and Mary Lee Lebey Scholars in Law and Religion

The Savage-Lebey Scholarships in Law and Religion were created in 2008 by Emory Law School alumnus, Brent Savage (JD 1978) in honor of his family. Scholarships recognize leadership in law and religion by students pursuing the joint-degree program.


  • Ariyanne Colston (JD/MDiv 2022)
  • Daniel Miller (JD/MTS 2019)
  • Ellis Adler (JD/MTS 2021)
  • Matthew Hickman (JD/MDiv 2019)
  • Amanda Parris (JD/MTS 2018)
  • Joseph Quattlebaum (JD/MTS 2018)
  • William McLaughlin (JD/MTS 2017)
  • Peter J Wosnik (JD/MTS 2017)
  • Matthew P. Cavedon (JD/MTS 2015)
  • Amanda Mauriello Baker (JD/MTS 2014)
  • Christopher James Manzer (JD/MTS 2015)
  • Terri Yvonne Montague (JD/MTS 2014)
  • Thomas Winchester Hendrick Buck (JD/MTS 2014)
  • Jennifer Heald Kidwell (JD/MDiv 2013)
  • Jennifer Alden Williams (JS/MTS 2012)
  • Timothy Brian Green (JD/MTS 2011)
  • Andrew Stone Mayo (JD/MTS 2012)
  • Trevor Glenn Pinkerton (JD/MTS 2010)
  • Stephen David Weyer (JD/MTS 2010)
  • Judd McCune Treeman (JD/MTS 2009)

Randolph W. Thrower Scholars in Law and Religion

The Randolph W. Thrower Scholarship in Law and Religion honors the legacy of Randolph Thrower, a 1936 Emory Law graduate who helped establish Emory's Law and Religion Program, which became the Center for the Study of Law and Religion. This scholarship is awarded to an incoming student with a record of academic excellence, significant potential for leadership, commitment to service, and demonstrated interest in law and religion.

  • 2019 – Major G. Coleman (SJD)
  • 2018 - Leora Ghadoushi (JD 2021)
  • 2017 - Anna Keith (JD 2020)
  • 2016 - Mary Newton (JD/MTS 2019)
  • 2015 - Kayla Wolfe (JD 2018)

Herman Dooyeweerd Fellows in Law and Religion

The Herman Dooyeweerd Fellows in Law and Religion, commencing in the fall of 2017, honor the distinguished 20th-century Dutch jurist, theologian, and philosopher, Herman Dooyeweerd. This fellowship is awarded to an Emory Law School student who shows promise for academic and scholarly excellence.

  • 2019 – Major G. Coleman (SJD)
  • 2018 - David Zeligman (SJD)
  • 2017 - John Joseph Wamwara (SJD)

Restoring Religious Freedom Graduate Scholars

The Restoring Religious Freedom Graduate Scholarships are awarded to LLM and SJD students pursuing work in religious freedom.

  • 2017 – Anton Sorkin (SJD)
  • 2017 – Amin Sadri (LLM)
  • 2018 – John Joseph Wamwara (SJD)
  • 2018 – Haokun Duan (LLM)
  • 2018 – Kurtis Anderson (LLM)