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Opportunities for Current Students


Journal of Law and Religion

The Journal of Law and Religion is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal edited by the Center for the Study of Law and Religion and published in collaboration with Cambridge University Press. Since 1982, JLR has been the leading academic journal publishing interdisciplinary and interfaith scholarship at the intersection of law and religion. Read more about JLR here and access articles here.

In the tradition of the American law review, JLR’s faculty editors work with law student staff members to edit the Journal's content. Students serve for two years, assuming supervisory roles in their second year. In addition to editorial work, staff members write a journal comment under the supervision of a faculty adviser their first year.

For more information, contact Managing Editor Silas Allard at

Canopy Forum

Canopy Forum is a digital publication from the Center for the Study of Law and Religion that produces expert analysis on critical issues at the intersection of law and religion for scholars, lawyers, clergy, journalists, policy makers, and the broader public. Since its launch in 2019, Canopy Forum has published more than 600 essays from leading scholars, produced two online mini-courses, and convened three virtual conferences. This scholarship is produced in collaboration with a diverse student team — undergraduate, graduate, and law students — who help with editing articles, formatting for online publication, author communication, solicitation, promotion, and more.

For more information contact Ariel Liberman, Managing Editor and Director of Academic Programs, at

Research Assistants

CSLR professors actively engage students in research on scholarly projects. In addition to learning research skills and working with faculty mentors, some research assistants have gone on to co-author articles with faculty members. To inquire about research opportunities in law and religion, please speak with the professor whose work interests you or contact CSLR Executive Director Whittney Barth at

Internships and Externships

The Center works closely with Emory Law School’s Career Center and Externship Program to make experiential-learning opportunities available to students interested in careers at the intersection of law and religion. The Center’s relationships with attorneys, non-profit organizations, and government agencies also allow us to help students identify additional experiential-learning opportunities.

To learn more about experiential-learning opportunities in the areas of social justice, religious liberty, religious organizations, and other law and religion related fields, please schedule an appointment with Silas Allard or Whittney Barth.

Writing Competitions

CSLR students have won several writing competitions. These opportunities may lead to publication, recognition, and cash prizes.