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CSLR students organize and present at grad student conference
By CSLR | Emory Law | Oct 17, 2017 11:10:00 AM

CSLR students played a significant role in the recent inaugural Graduate Student Conference, "Populism & the Rule of Law." Hosted by the Emory Law SJD Society and sponsored by the Graduate Programs Office, committee members included CSLR SJD students Faizat Badmus-Busari, Sayali Bapat, Audra Savage, and Douglas Waters. Among the presenters were Amin Sadri (LLM 2017), Madiha Riaz (LLM 2017), John Joseph Wamwara (SJD), and Douglas Waters (SJD).

Sadri and Riaz presented on a panel titled, "Populism, Religion, and Global Politics." Sadri's presentation was titled," The Dangers of Religion and Populism," and Riaz discussed, "Populism, Islam, and Pakistan."

Wamwara presented on a panel titled, "Populism and Liberal Democracy." His presentation was titled, "The Resurgence of Populism: A Rebuke to Elitist Liberal Culture."

Waters moderated a faculty panel discussion, which included CSLR professors Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im and Michael J. Perry, and presented at a panel titled, "Populism and International Rights." His presentation was titled, "Actions Not Words: The Need to Override Oliphant and Restore Tribal Sovereignty."