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CSLR Announces New Publication on Christianity and Global Law
By CSLR | Emory Law | Jun 24, 2020 12:06:00 AM

CSLR is excited to announce the release of Christianity and Global Law, an essential new volume edited by Rafael Domingo and John Witte, Jr. 

Within the broader realm of law and religion, this book discusses the interaction of Christianity and global law, exploring historical and contemporary sources and dimensions of this global law which transcends that of single states and specific regions. As a product of accomplished jurists, theologians, historians, and social and political scientists from across the world, this book is interdisciplinary and interreligious in nature, including critical perspectives from a variety of religious and philosophical traditions. Within the context of the growing literature on global law, this volume maintains that Christianity has norms, institutions, and practices that can contribute positively to challenges faced by the global community. Throughout three sections, this book presents historical, contemporary, and comparative takes on the interaction of Christianity and global law. In the first part, the authors present a historical and biographical snapshot of past Christian principles, ideals, and legal thinkers. The second part continues to draw on historical examples while injecting more normative discussions, addressing various structural principles pertaining to global law, including dignity, equality, subsidiarity, and the rule of law, among others. The third and final part of the book considers issues within global law which have been greatly influenced by Christianity. Through its combination of diverse perspectives and study of various historical, present, and potential influences of Christianity on global law, this volume is sure to be an essential resource for academics and researchers working in a multitude of areas, including law and religion, transnational law, legal philosophy, and legal history.


You can purchase a copy here and download a PDF preview here.

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Table of Contents/Chapters: 

Introduction, Rafael Domingo and John Witte, Jr.


Part I: Historical-Biographical Approach

  1. St. Paul and the Moral Law, C. Kavin Rowe
  2. Augustine and the Common Good, Josef Lössl 
  3. Thomas Aquinas: Definitions and Vocabulary in His Treatise on Law, Charles J. Reid Jr. 
  4. Francisco de Vitoria and the Global Commonwealth, Andreas Wagner
  5. Francisco Suárez on the Law of Nations and Just War, Henrik Lagerlund
  6. Alberico Gentili and the Secularization of the Law of Nations, Rafael Domingo and Giovanni Minnucci
  7. Johannes Althusius and the Universal Rule of Natural Laws and Rights, John Witte, Jr.
  8. Hugo Grotius and the Making of Modern Natural Law, Jon Miller
  9. Kant’s Religion and Perpetual Peace, Lawrence Pasternack
  10. Jacques Maritain and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, William Sweet
  11. Robert Schuman and the Process of European Integration, Rafael Domingo

Part II: Structural Principles of Global Governance

  1. Christianity and the Global Rule of Law, Neil Walker
  2. Christianity and the Principle of Dignity, Martin Schlag
  3. Christianity and the Principle of Equality in Global Law, Julian Rivers
  4. Christianity and the Principle of the Common Good, George Duke
  5. Christianity, Sovereignty, and Global Law, Nicholas Aroney
  6. Christianity and the Principle of Solidarity, Ana Marta González
  7. Christianity and the Principle of Subsidiarity, Thomas C. Kohler 

Part III: Global Issues and Global Public Goods

  1. Christianity and Human Rights, Samuel Moyn
  2. Christianity and the International Economic Order, Daniel A. Crane
  3. Christianity and a Global Law for Migration, Silas W. Allard
  4. Christianity, Global Environmental Protection, and Animal Law, Anne Peters and Mark Somos
  5. Christianity and the Use of Force: Lex and Pax Christi, Mary Ellen O’Connell
  6. Christianity and International Criminal Law, Johan D. van der Vyver