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Celebrating the Career of Michael J. Perry
By CSLR | Emory Law | Feb 28, 2023 7:02:00 AM

On February 22nd, friends, family, and colleagues gathered in the Howard O. Hunter Atrium to celebrate the career of Michael J. Perry. Since 2003, Perry has held a Robert W. Woodruff University Chair at Emory University, where he has left an enduring mark in Law, Morality, and Religion; Constitutional Law; Human Rights Theory; and on the Emory community. Fittingly, the night was spent reviewing and even critiquing Perry’s work. His interlocutors were past students and longtime friends who have gone on to successful careers in their own fields, including Professors Daniel Conkle, Christopher Eberle, and Cathleen Kaveny. However differently they approached their critiques of Perry’s work, they all shared something in common: a deep respect and appreciation for Perry and his scholarship.


Perry’s accolades and his lasting impact on law scholarship includes, among many more achievements, thirteen books, over eighty-five articles and essays, and countless prestigious appointments at universities across the United States. But looking back over the entirety of his career, what shone through especially strong was his personal impact on countless students and colleagues. Though he is retiring, it remains clear that Perry is not leaving; rather, he will continue to have an impact as people reanalyze his work, and as his past students take what he taught them into their own scholarship. CSLR joins the chorus of thanks and congratulations, wishing Perry all the best in his future endeavors.

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