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Our mission is to help the peoples of the world learn how law and religion can balance each other and ultimately stabilize society and politics.
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Restoring Religious Freedom Project explores complex topic

Restoring Religious Freedom Project explores complex topic

Directed by Mark Goldfeder, the Restoring Religious Freedom Project examines from various perspectives what it means to have free exercise of religion.

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CSLR students presented at a University of Ottawa conference

CSLR students presented at a University of Ottawa conference

Four CSLR students presented at an Ottawa conference titled, "Law at the Tipping Point: Conflicts, Challenges, and Changes."

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scholarship at CSLR

Since 1982, CSLR publications in multiple languages have been the Center's most visible and enduring contribution to the global conversation about law and religion. CSLR now edits three book series and an international journal, and its faculty and research projects have produced more than 300 books published by leading university and trade presses. CSLR faculty, scholars, and students also publish widely in journals of law, the humanities, and social sciences, and have edited several journal symposia on discrete law and religion themes.

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CSLR scholars have published more than 300 books and hundreds of articles on issues related to law and religion.

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Book Series

CSLR has published the Emory University Studies in Law and Religion Series since 1990 and our Law and Christianity book series since 2015.

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Lectures & Conferences

Our lectures and conferences attract scholars, religious leaders, government officials, and leading practitioneres from around the world as well as nationally and internationally known scholars on the Emory campus.

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Our Faculty and Fellows contribute significant scholarship to the field of law and religion. Learn more about them on our People page. 

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