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SilasW. Allard

Silas W.  Allard

Managing Editor, Journal of Law and Religion


Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im

Charles Howard Candler Professor of Law Emeritus

Lee Ann Bambach

Lee Ann  Bambach

Senior Fellow, Adjunct Professor of Law, Emory University


Whittney Barth

Executive Director, Center for the Study of Law and Religion


Ira Bedzow

Director, The MirYam Institute Project on International Ethics & Leadership; Head of Unit, International Chair in Bioethics (WMA Cooperation Centre)


John A. Bernau

Director of Digital Scholarship


Michael Broyde

Professor of Law, Director of SJD Program, and Harold J. Berman Projects Director


Matthew P. Cavedon

Robert Pool Fellow in Law and Religion


Rafael Domingo

Spruill Family Professor of Law and Religion, and Co-Director of Law and Christianity


Courtney Freer

Senior Fellow, CSLR; Visiting Assistant Professor, Emory College

M. Christian Green

M.  Christian  Green

Senior Fellow in Law and Religion, CSLR; Special Content Editor, Journal of Law and Religion

GaryS. Hauk

Gary S.  Hauk

Senior Editor, CSLR; Historian of Emory University Emeritus

Justin Latterell

Justin  Latterell

Director of Academic Programs and McDonald Distinguished Fellow in Law and Religion


Terri Montague

McDonald Distinguished Senior Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Law


Michael J. Perry

Robert W. Woodruff Professor of Law

JohanD.van der Vyver

Johan D. van der Vyver

I. T. Cohen Professor of International Law and Human Rights


Amy Wheeler

Chief of Staff

JohnWitte, Jr.

John Witte, Jr.

Robert W. Woodruff Professor of Law, McDonald Distinguished Professor, and CSLR Faculty Director