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From Silver to Gold: The Next 25 Years in Law and Religion

This 2007 conference celebrated CSLR's silver anniversary by anticipating and articulating the hardest questions in law and religion facing the world in the next 25 years. It focused on three themes: religious liberty, human rights, and church-state relations; sex, marriage, and family life; and Christian, Jewish and Islamic legal studies.

The Alonzo L. McDonald Lectures

Robert N. Bellah discusses "Can We Imagine a Global Civil Religion?" and Martin E. Marty discusses "The Religious Future of the Law, the Legal Future of Religion." Rebecca S. Chopp serves as chair. 

The Future of Law, Religion, and International Affairs

T. Jeremy Gunn discusses "America's Love Affair with Religion and Foreign Affairs," Robert A. Seiple discusses "New Tools, Old Rules: Harmonizing Religious Freedom in the Developed and Developing World," and Jeremy Waldron discusses "The Grounds of Basic Equality." Mark D. Jordan serves as chair.

The Future of Law, Religion, and Human Rights

Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im discusses "The 'Law and Morality' of Human Rights in Islamic Societies," and David Novak discusses "The Troubled Relationship Between Christians and Human Rights," with a response by Nicholas P. Wolterstorff. Johan D. van der Vyver chairs these lectures.

The Future of Law and Religion

Harold J. Berman discusses "World Law and Universal Spiritual Values," R. Kent Greenawalt discusses "The Future of Religion and Equality," and M. Cathleen Kaveny discusses "Prophets, Priests, and Kings: Morality, Religion, and Law in a Pluralistic Society." Frank S. Alexander serves as chair.

The Future of Religious Liberty

Douglas Laycock discusses "The Conscripted Prophet's Guesses About the Future of Religious Liberty in America," David Little discusses "Human Rights, Public Reason, and the Intentional Protection of Religion or Belief: A Way Forward," and Michael J. Perry discusses "A Right to Moral Freedom as one of the Futures of the Right to Religious Freedom."

Silver Anniversary: The Currie Lectures

Jean Bethke Elshtain discusses "Against Utopian Legalism," and Judge John T. Noonan discusses "One Center, Many Centers."

The Future of Law, Religion, and Marriage

Margaret F. Brinig discusses "Children's Beliefs and Family Law," Don S. Browning discusses "Modern Law and Christian Jurisprudence on Marriage and Family," and Carl E. Schneider discusses "Religion and the Moral Foundation of Family Law." Jan Love chairs these lectures.

The 2012 Decalogue Lectures: Law, Religion, and the Future of the African-American Family

Enola G. Aird discusses "The Foundational Covenant: Strengthening the Black Family," Baber Johansen discusses "Religion, Education, and the Primacy of the Family," and David A. Skeel discusses "The Paths of Christian Scholarship." Robert M. Franklin chairs these lectures.

The Future of Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Legal Studies

Elliot N. Dorff discusses "The Future of Jewish Law and Legal Studies," Baber Johansen discusses "The Future Contests Off Islamic Law and Politics," and David A. Skeel discusses "The Paths of Christian Legal Scholarship." Steven M. Tipton chairs these lectures.